As Nano color experts and leader of healthy printing, our company is growing at a furious pace and we sincerely welcome people with talents to join our big family.

scientific management

Scientific management thoughts in  Nanjing institute of Nano technology, global tech corporation are embodied in the highly efficient and flexible mechanism of human resource management. Our company set positions in different demand, set responsibilities in different positions, employ person in different responsibilities, competition for a position, assess according to performance, prepared for both  promotion  and  demotion and employees can enter or exit. It not only strengthen hiring and training of high-quality management personnel and professional and technical personnel, but also take various forms of professional ethics education and professional and technical training for all the staff. They make our company improve the comprehensive quality of team continuously.

 learning-oriented   team

The strength of individual determine the strength of the team, the strength of the team determine the strength of the enterprise. We are always in the human resources strategy as the core essential factor of our company development. We adhering to times of continuously forge ahead and the idea of keeping pace with the times. We have been trying to build a learning team and adhere to the spirit of innovation and  never stop by keep on learning , absorb new knowledge, learn new skills and on the basis of integrating Chinese and foreign advanced technology and management methods. Through  perfecting the talent cultivation system, assemble a team of top talent.

 warm warning:

1.Please submit real resume. Once found that false information, your resume will be into the blacklist and from now on you will be insulated of our company;

2.Please submit a complete resume. Expect fresh graduates,  please specify your responsibility in the past position,  salary expectations and your entry time etc.

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