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华东15选5开奖号码结果查询: The prospect of renewing printing of marketing labels and packaging inkjet is promising

DATE:2015-12-02 22:54:20

华东15选5开奖信息 In the some field of wide printing, there is a critical point. For printing rigid material, the traditional way is printing image on the paper or similar flexible material, then make printed paper covering the surface of rigid material. But , since the platform inkjet printer appeared, people can have a printing graphic on rigid substrates directly. However, if you don't have enough business, the traditional method is more economical than spending $100000 on a platform inkjet printer. So, how many copies of print with platform inkjet printing can be more economic? To find out the critical point. Label printing is so, is first printed on paper sticker on the carton? Or printing on the carton label directly? Which method is more economic? Where is the critical point?
     Mark Swanzy, Chief Government Officer of Xanté thinks that people hope can print on the box directly. Used to be printing label first and then post on the box. It not only laborious, but also labor cost is higher.
     Especially if four sides of the box all need labels, you should print four tags and then posted on four surfaces of the box. Xanté introduced Excelagraphix 4200P platform inkjet printer which based on the technology of Memjet. It designed for corrugated cartons short version of the market for digital printing specifically. The width of machine of printing format is 8 feet and length is 42 inches. It can print the thickness of 0.625 inches of heavy type corrugated board and foam board etc. Its printing speed is 12 inches per second in 1600 dpi resolution of 800 dpi.
Use digital printing machine printing short version of the carton
     The past twenty years, the market’s demand for short version of the carton printing is growing. From a technical perspective, Printing one , 250 or even 500 cartons all can realized, just the cost will become high if the number is too little. Swanzy said that if you need print 250 cartons to a cardboard container. They will think the number is too small. They will tell you need 3 weeks to delivery of the goods and each carton should printing fee $15. Now with Excelagraphix 4200P, commercial printer can enter the packaging and printing field. You don't have to buy flexo machine, you can print short version of the carton with it.         
     promote digital printing labels and packaging printing market
     Now, introduce different kinds of packaging continuously, reduce the stock and brand company carry out one-to-one marketing plan etc.. A number of factors make the quality of printing be smaller. Also provides the opportunity for digital printing machine to print the labels and packaging.     
     Xeikon company launched a series of solutions of the digital printing of labels and packaging printing. Xeikon 3000 pink series digital printing machine has 5 kinds of models. It designed specifically for the folding carton and label printing. It’s Very suitable for printing requirements of custom’s box and personalized cartons.
     Xerox company also provides automatic packaging solutions. Its iGen4 and iGen 150 digital printers integrated with online printing, glaze and die cutting.
     Jetrion in EFI company is volume to the volume of LED type of ink-jet printer. It specially designed for printing all kinds of labels. EFI company think its HS100 provide the market opportunities for corrugatedpaper printing. It Is the UV ink jet printer with width of 3.2 meters. It faces high-end corrugated paper printing market. HP also declared entering corrugated paper packaging and printing market. They push out high-speed inkjet corrugated paper printing solutions based on its T400 Simplex color digital printing machine. In last year's Graph Expo fair, HP and global group company announced that they cooperated developing high volume to the volume thermal inkjet solutions for large quantities of corrugated paper packaging and printing market.
     Graphium in FUJI Film company flexoital hybrid printing machine tags. It’s said that this machine can eliminate the limitations of inkjet printer. Such as the problem of incompatible substrates and problems of coating substrates which need coating or printing after printing. It can help traditional flexo label printer and commercial printer expand short version of the label printing market.
     developing potential market contribute to success

     Swanzy thinks that whether label printing or corrugated paper printing, chances belong to commercial printer and wide printer. Because they have a lot of professional experience. They know printing and four-color printing, they know all about how to print high quality print. 
     The price of wide format ink-jet printer in Xanté company is only 110000 dollars. Therefore, for the commercial printer, they can enter the packaging and printing market and develop a new business without spending huge investment. 

     If you print business cards, letterhead , logo and wide printing quality before, you can ask your customers:” Would you like to print label?” You can also go to seek a potential corrugated carton printing market. If you can do a little market research, it will be great help to you. 

    Another not allow to ignore development area is electronic commerce. You might think e-commerce is everywhere, but in fact it still accounts for less than 10 percent in today's commercial trade. E-commerce will continue to grow in the next few years.

      Swanzy believes that there is a growing electricity chamber of commerce as more and more people begin to online shopping. If you're online shopping from amazon, you will receive a box with amazon logo. Just think if the product manufacturer or distributor also want their own logo printed in the special packing box which delivery the goods in amazon.
The US postal service get a call from the hundreds of companies which asked whether they can print their company’s logo on the box uniformly printed by United States post office. The post office is reluctant to provide opportunities for others. 

     Swanzy expressed that a company bought equipment in Xanté company. Through tireless efforts, they got the business license from the United States postal service. They can print the client's logo on thepackaging which made by the post office and company Only need to pay royalties to the United States postal service. 

    In conclusion, today's growing market demand provides many opportunities for the printer and pushes forward the labels and packaging printing market. Label printing and packaging printing market is not immediately replaced by electronic media. Printer should recognize the situation, seize the opportunities and strive to open up new markets. This can be in an impregnable position in the competition.

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